About Utkrisht Yoga

Let’s take a voyage to unknown horizons together.
Truth. Goodness. Beauty.
Yoga is about progression and finding your edge, during both practice and life.

Reach your objective

Nobody is the same, and at Utkrisht yoga, that’s the way we like it. We’ll help you find what
works for you because not one person is the same.

Your time is valuable

Yoga is all about finding the time that works best for you. We understand how busy your
schedule can be, so we offer flexible times for your yoga practice. That’s why we’ve made it as
easy as possible for you to get your daily dose of mindfulness.

Not just Physical Exercise

We do not function separately. We are integrated. Everything we do is spiritual...our Yoga, our
words of wisdom, our love... for all it is. We also believe that when you allow your breath to
become powerful through our yoga teachings, your mind, body, and soul work in unison to heal
and strengthen each other.

Find your Bliss with us.

Stay Happy, Healthy, vibrant and young.

Balance body and mind

Be mindful of your health in all aspects of life. Fully nourish body, mind, and spirit to make lasting change. We’ll help you create a healthy and balanced life.

Increase strength & flexibility

Incorporating yoga into your stretches may help increase your flexibility and help you build muscle strength.

Eliminate toxins from body

Feeling sluggish? Grab your yoga mat and try this pose to help detoxify the body. Just like food, the right posture can help detoxify the body.

Build core strength

A strong core is a key to ensuring that your back and spine stay healthy. A strong core will help you stay in shape, have good posture, and reduce your injury chance.

Experienced Trainer

Each body is unique. So is each yoga class. Get the best instruction in a welcoming space.

YOGA GURU (11 Years of Teaching)

YOGA MASTER (5 years of teaching)

MEDICAL OFFICER (2years of teaching)

YOGA MASTER (5 years of teaching)


what our customers say about us & the reasons why you should choose Utkrisht Yoga

I am Savita, principal chief conservator of forest ( HOFF) and today I want to share my yoga journey. However, I was doing yoga for many years but last year I took formal training from Mr Umesh. After training, i felt more relaxed, and i really like this training. Yoga specifically helped
me deal emotionally with COVID and other challenges! I'm very grateful for the yoga classes that I took. They made me stronger, more flexible and more aware of myself. Each class leaves me feeling energised, inspired, and clear-minded. I just want to suggest everyone add yoga practice in life because it will bring physical results and mental benefits.
5 out of 5
I work with Energy Policy Institute as a Researcher, and my work involves constant sitting in front of the laptop. I usually had backaches but never paid any attention to it. But Thanks to Umesh! Great 1-hour class with the perfect balance between asanas and pranayama practice. I feel my body, mind and soul rejuvenated. This guy knows his stuff. The best thing about him is that he explains everything from scratch, and he also talks about how yoga (which I've never tried) can help prevent many diseases. The feeling and relaxation I get after my yoga session made me decide that I should further continue these classes.
Ritika Jain
5 out of 5
A wonderful place to be if you want to exercise and do yoga and set at ease your mind, body and soul. Gives you immense emotional and mental relaxation while helping you stretch your muscles. Would totally recommend coming here! Lovely experience
Vivek Sharma
5 out of 5
Very professional and very good guidance given by teachers of utkrisht yoga . Very impressive results can be seen by the exercise program and the diet given by them . Also when you are not able to attend
they give personal classes . Highly recomended
Atul Puri
5 out of 5
Excellent teachers and good communication
Meena Devi
5 out of 5
This is the best form of self care I have found and am so happy it's right here in out community I highly recommend UTKRISHT YOGA for meditation & yoga. 🙏🙏🙏
Sumit Rajput Guleria
5 out of 5


Get in the best shape of your life with our customized programmes


$ Beginners /month

Our beginners plan to help the beginners to understand yoga & then help them to start it from scratch with a step by step guide.


$ Intermediate /month

In our intermediate plan you will explore different styles and poses, perhaps even meditating regularly. Everything is really starting to come together for you at the level.


$ Advance /month

Advanced classes are designed for more experienced yogis with a very solid understanding of basic yoga postures who are comfortable performing more advanced poses.

Regular Member

$ 600 /year

Access club facilities
Outdoor activities
15% off all massage treatments
Free swags

Gold Member

$ 800 /year

Access club facilities
Outdoor activities
15% off all massage treatments
Free swags

Diamond Member

$ 900 /year

Access club facilities
Outdoor activities
15% off all massage treatments
Free swags

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