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7 Days Yoga Challenge

For Health & Happiness

Signs of good Health & Happiness

  • You can manage your emotions very well.
  • Your skin looks healthy.
  • Your face is full-looking.
  • You make time to be active.
  • You pay attention to what you eat.
  • You can do everyday tasks with ease.
  • You live and seek a balanced lifestyle.
  • You identify negative patterns easily.
  • You think realistically.
  • Your bowel movements are regular.
  • You sleep soundly
  • You move your body on regular basis
  • Normal temperament
  • High stable energy.

Benefits of yoga in Health & Happiness

Eliminates Stress & anxiety

Improves Immunity

improves relationships

Improves Sleep

Regulates stress Hormones

Programme Details


Online via Zoom Meeting

Date & Time

13 July-19 July 2022

Morning Session – 6:00 To 7:00 AM

Evening Session – 6:30 To 7:30 PM


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Programme Curriculum

Day – 1
Basic knowledge of Yoga
Suksham vyam
Power of breathwork

Sun Salutation

Day – 2
Power of yoga postures

Day – 3
Power of Yogic sleep

Day – 4
Power of mindfulness

Day – 5
Full Body Flow

Day – 6
Only Relaxation + Mindfulness

Day – 7
Power of yoga Poses + Breathwork + Mindfulness = Health & Happiness

All you need is your laptop, tablet or mobile phone with the camera on and a normal internet connection with the zoom app installed on your device. Join the session from a comfortable, disturbance-free space to make the most out of your yoga practice. Make sure you take this precious time for just yourself without anyone interrupting you, and get ready to blossom!

About Utkrisht Yoga

We are a passionate team, dedicated to bringing a revolution in Yoga with passionate practice and teaching. Utkrisht started with the purpose of serving the society by making Yoga approachable to all sections and taking it to their doorstep, by yoga teachers

  • The revolution is finally here ! If you are blessed with an hour a day to meditate and practice yoga ,you ought to spend it in a productive way.
  • We will provide you with the very best practice according to your requirements and demands. Our professionals will focus on all your requirements while teaching.
  • Our experienced team will take you through each position carefully and with patience.
  • They will identify your weaknesses and strengths and tailor the lessons towards those aspects of your practice.

Meet your Yoga Teachers

Master Umesh

“By studying the teachings of yoga philosophy, practitioners discover a path to greater self-awareness, release of physical and mental tension, and ultimately greater happiness” says Umesh.
Umesh has been practicing yoga since childhood and now from the past 11 years he has been teaching yoga to others. Umesh has conducted several wellness programs across different cities and villages of India. He has worked with thousands of people on various issues ranging from health and fitness, stress management, personal and professional life transformation, relationships, and many more. He is a yoga master with experience in breaking down the fundamental tenets of yoga. This experience not only makes him a master in yoga and meditation techniques but also in self realization of your own inner potential and power.

Raman Gangta

Everyone deserves to be healthy and happy. Yoga is a way to obtain this, and in this context it means the perfection of your body, mind and soul” Says RAMAN.
He has been practicing yoga since the age of 15 years teaching from past 5years and enjoying every moment of it. He believes that yoga was made to help us understand ourselves better and to explore the infinite world that lies within ourselves. He is a well-equipped yoga teacher with experience of teaching a variety of people from various backgrounds. From beginners to advanced students his expertise lies in yoga, and he hopes to be a perfect guide for you on this beautiful journey ahead.

What Our Happy Customers Say About Utkrisht Yoga

Dr. Savita Sharma
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I am Savita, principal chief conservator of forest ( HOFF) and today I want to share my yoga journey. However, I was doing yoga for many years but last year I took formal training from Utkrisht Yoga. After training, i felt more relaxed, and i really like this training. Yoga specifically helped me deal emotionally with COVID and other challenges! I'm very grateful for the yoga classes that I took. They made me stronger, more flexible and more aware of myself. Each class leaves me feeling energized, inspired, and clear-minded. I just want to suggest everyone add yoga practice in life because it will bring physical results and mental benefits.
Dr. Rajiv Bhardwaj
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Hi i am Dr. Rajiv Bhardwaj and I work as professor of biology in IGMC Shimla. I never did yoga due to my hectic lifestyle, but now I started doing yoga with utkrisht teacher and I felt that it was something that I was missing in my life. It is enlightening for me that Yoga is amazing and it is working well on my body. I like Umesh & teaching style which inspires so much.
Naveen Puri
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Hi, I am Naveen. I am 56 years old, and I started practicing yoga just more than a year ago. I really want to thank my yoga teacher. She is an incredibly patient, nice and caring person, and I could notice how hard she is working for every single of his trainees. And that made me feel like this practice is right for me; the fact that there always someone who cares about you, that what makes all yoga classes special to me.
Ritika Jain
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A wonderful place to be if you want to exercise and do yoga and set at ease your mind, body and soul. Gives you immense emotional and mental relaxation while helping you stretch your muscles. Would totally recommend coming here! Lovely experience

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