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“Be the change you wish to see”.

Breathing in, you calm, breathing out you smile. Let your troubles slip away as you breathe in and out of your yoga mat. Do you feel the vibration of your heart beating against your chest as you slowly start to move your body? Every time you inhale and exhale, can you feel the fresh air filling up into your lungs, making you feel energized, motivated and inspired to do better?

Well! We want you to feel that feeling every day. Utkrisht Yoga is an initiative to help you practice yoga on your daily routine. Utkrisht Yoga combines the indispensable facets of your life with yoga, meditation and mindful eating habits. Bottom line, each moment is another opportunity to find happiness within yourself.


It is said that there are people who merely exist, and people who live, but there are very few who truly understand what it means to live. Umesh and Raman understand that idea, and have transformed it into a reality. The two friends started Utkrisht Yoga with the mission of inspiring everyone to learn what they know about Yoga in order to make life much more , healthier, happier & spiritual.

We are a passionate team, dedicated to bringing a revolution in Yoga with passionate practice and teaching. Utkrisht Yoga started with the purpose of serving the society by making Yoga approachable to all sections and taking it to their doorstep, by yoga teachers The revolution is finally here! If you are blessed with an hour a day to meditate and practice yoga, you ought to spend it in a productive way.

● We will provide you with the very best practice according to your requirements and demands. Our professionals will focus on all your requirements while teaching.

● Our experienced team will take you through each position carefully and with patience.

● We will identify your weaknesses and strengths and tailor the lessons towards those aspects of your practice.

Yoga isn’t just a bunch of poses. It’s a way of life.  The meaning of yoga goes deeper than the physical practice; it’s about looking at life as a whole. It’s about understanding harmony, balance and how to live happily.

About Utkrisht Yoga

Begin your journey to a better life with peace, love, beauty, and happiness

Reach your objective

Not everyone has the same objective. We give yoga the best suitable for your goal

Your time is valuable

We value your time, so, we have different time slots to offer the best of Yoga for you at your ease

Not just Physical Exercise

We heal the mind, body, and soul through Yoga. Our Yoga is spiritual, psychological, spiritual, and physical.


Stay Happy, Healthy, vibrant and young.

Balance body and mind

Be mindful of your health in all aspects of life. Fully nourish body, mind, and spirit to make lasting change. We’ll help you create a healthy and balanced life.

Increase strength & flexibility

Incorporating yoga into your stretches may help increase your flexibility and help you build muscle strength.

Eliminate toxins from body

Feeling sluggish? Grab your yoga mat and try this pose to help detoxify the body. Just like food, the right posture can help detoxify the body.

Build core strength

A strong core is a key to ensuring that your back and spine stay healthy. A strong core will help you stay in shape, have good posture, and reduce your injury chance.

Experienced Trainer

with many years of teaching yoga, our trainers are willing to give you the best instruction

YOGA GURU (11 Years of Teaching)

YOGA MASTER (5 years of teaching)

MEDICAL OFFICER (2years of teaching)

YOGA MASTER (5 years of teaching)

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