Our Experts Yoga Coaches

Mahender -

“A great teacher never stops learning,” says Mahender, He has been practising yoga and meditation from the past 4 years, and dedicated to sharing his authentic yoga practice with students who desire to deepen their own personal practice, or explore meditation from a direct, embodied experience. He is a well trained yoga trainer ;as he takes you on your journey of expanding consciousness, you will be relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to achieve higher levels of yoga and meditation.

Pooja Tiwari

Dr. Pooja Tiwari from Uttarakhand is a well-known Naturopathy physician. She believes that yoga inspires her to live every moment mindfully. Dr. Pooja has completed BNYS from Barkatullah university and has great experience Natural therapeutics, Acupuncture & Acupressure, Manipulative therapy, Hydrotherapy, Yoga Therapy, Naturopathic & modern nutrition. She is actively indulged in conducting several health programs around the globe. Her yoga classes include a perfect combination of creative sequencing and a dose of yoga inspiration that further deepens your practice. Not only this, but Dr. Pooja also has expertise in Natural therapeutics and conducts sessions that promotes healing & wellness. Pooja has even helped several people to overcome the problem of arthritis by offering effective hydrotherapy.


Rajesh has been Practicing yoga for the last 10years and believes that you can strengthen your mental stability by practising yoga. This will reflect in every other aspect of your life. You will be able to tackle difficulties in life with ease. That’s why he chose the path to become a yoga teacher, and for the past 7years he has been teaching yoga to transform everyone’s life.

Rohit Dharma

Rohit has been practicising yoga more than decades and has a teaching experience of more than 3 years .A grapgic designer by passion, Rohit was inspired to pursue yoga by his urge to share his blissful and joyful experience of yoga with the world. He has taught many yoga students  till now and when he was asked for his one piece of advice for a beginner to yoga he said, “The body benefits from movement, and the mind benefits from stillness.” Rohit has specialization in the traditional forms of yoga like Hathayoga. Under his direction, you can expect to learn the best practices of yoga that will benefit you immensely. He is the perfect coach to help you if your goal is wellness and general fitness.

Pragti Negi

Pragti Negi, professional miniature artist who is introducing a new and fresh concept of Miniature Art Therapy. She believes Art can help us to heal our inner sufferings and pain. By doing Art practice one can attain inner peace and fight many mental problems.Pragti has completed her Visharad (B.F.A painting) from pracheen kala kendra chandigarh and pursuing M.F.A ,Master of Fine Art (Miniature) from Himachal Pradesh university Shimla. She has seven years of experience in visual arts and has been teaching painting to others.Now she is working on Miniature Art Therapy, in which she helps others to overcome certain mental problems like depression, anxiety, stress etc by Art therapy.