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For Diabetes

Symptoms of Diabetes

  • Frequent urination – When blood sugar/glucose is too high, kidneys can’t absorb the excess glucose. The glucose drains into urine, pulling water with it.
  • Extreme thirst – The process of dehydration makes you thirsty and dehydrated.
  • Blurry vision – High blood sugar level may form new blood vessels and may damage old/existing blood vessels on the retina at the back of your eye.
  • Weight loss – To recover the lost fuel, your body burns fat reserves, and you may lose weight.
  • Fatigue – When your cells don’t get enough glucose, their main fuel source, fatigue results.
  • Hungry – Burning of fat reserves also may make you feeling hungry.

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Benefits of yoga in Diabetes

Regulates blood sugar level

Rejuvenate Pancreatic cells

Relaxes the mind

Helps weight management

Improves energy level

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Yoga for Diabetes - 45 Days Programme/ 9 Weeks Programme

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What Our Happy Customers Say About Utkrisht Yoga

Dr. Savita Sharma
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I am Savita, principal chief conservator of forest ( HOFF) and today I want to share my yoga journey. However, I was doing yoga for many years but last year I took formal training from Utkrisht Yoga. After training, i felt more relaxed, and i really like this training. Yoga specifically helped me deal emotionally with COVID and other challenges! I'm very grateful for the yoga classes that I took. They made me stronger, more flexible and more aware of myself. Each class leaves me feeling energized, inspired, and clear-minded. I just want to suggest everyone add yoga practice in life because it will bring physical results and mental benefits.
Dr. Rajiv Bhardwaj
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Hi i am Dr. Rajiv Bhardwaj and I work as professor of biology in IGMC Shimla. I never did yoga due to my hectic lifestyle, but now I started doing yoga with utkrisht teacher and I felt that it was something that I was missing in my life. It is enlightening for me that Yoga is amazing and it is working well on my body. I like Umesh & teaching style which inspires so much.
Naveen Puri
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Hi, I am Naveen. I am 56 years old, and I started practicing yoga just more than a year ago. I really want to thank my yoga teacher. She is an incredibly patient, nice and caring person, and I could notice how hard she is working for every single of his trainees. And that made me feel like this practice is right for me; the fact that there always someone who cares about you, that what makes all yoga classes special to me.
Ritika Jain
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A wonderful place to be if you want to exercise and do yoga and set at ease your mind, body and soul. Gives you immense emotional and mental relaxation while helping you stretch your muscles. Would totally recommend coming here! Lovely experience