“By studying the teachings of yoga philosophy, practitioners discover a path to greater self-awareness, release of physical and mental tension, and ultimately greater happiness” says Dr. Pooja.

MEDICAL OFFICER (2years of teaching)
2 year
Dr. Pooja Tiwari from Uttarakhand is a well-known Naturopathy physician. She believes that yoga inspires her to live every moment mindfully. Dr. Pooja has completed BNYS from Barkatullah university and has great experience Natural therapeutics, Acupuncture & Acupressure, Manipulative therapy, Hydrotherapy, Yoga Therapy, Naturopathic & modern nutrition. She is actively indulged in conducting several health programs around the globe. Her yoga classes include a perfect combination of creative sequencing and a dose of yoga inspiration that further deepens your practice. Not only this, but Dr. Pooja also has expertise in Natural therapeutics and conducts sessions that promotes healing & wellness. Pooja has even helped several people to overcome the problem of arthritis by offering effective hydrotherapy.